Finishing WELL & STRONG…

You might have had a bad start in life, made a lot of mistakes, messed up a lot of relationships, got yourself in a lot of debt, wasted time on the wrong company of friends, never listened to parental advise or wasted opportunities. If that is you, don’t be discouraged, I’m here to tell you it’s not how you started but how WELL YOU FINISH…

For others things may start off WELL and along the way encounter difficulties and setbacks. It may take longer to get to the finish line and that may bring discouragement and depression.

It takes DETERMINATION and a MADE UP MIND to fight till the end.

God is the author and finisher. He is not only giving you the start but the STRENGTH to finish as well.

Shake off the discouragement, keep moving forward in faith honouring God. God will always supply a force that will PUSH you forward, that’s God’s grace.

Quit talking defeat. Don’t focus on who is against you. Focus on the Grace that is freely given to you.

Speak life and success to yourself, recite and meditate on these affirmations day and night.

  • I can do all things through Christ, I am a finisher. I am strong in the Lord, I am full of energy.
  • I have the Grace to finish. I will keep honouring God. I will keep being good to people.
  • I will not be anxious. I have the peace of God that surpasses all understanding.
  • My God is a very present help in times of need. I will not fall apart. I am more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus.

You know, the closer you get to your destiny, the harder it is. Every challenge along the way is a sign that you are a step closer to your destiny. The enemy wouldn’t be fighting you if you weren’t moving towards the right direction.

Maybe you are tempted to give up, the enemy will work overtime to try to stop you from finishing and that’s a sign that you are moving towards your finishing line.

Remember this, God is in control, No weapon formed against you shall prosper. God didn’t bring you this far to leave you. He will continue to work all things together for your good.

Instead of complaining sing a song of PRAISE, instead of being depressed, SMILE.

Healing is on the way.

That business contract is on the way.

That promotion is on the way.

That salary increase is on the way.

The favor of God is on the way.

Your breakthrough is on the way.

You are in it to win it.

You are making progress, move forward and keep reminding yourself that Life may push you down, but God will lift you back up.

Just humble yourself by the side of the Lord and he will lift you up (James 4:10)

Release something in order to receive something better

Let’s start by defining the word Release: It means To let out, To untie, To set free.

Letting go is not easy. It may be painful and uncomfortable.

Maybe holding on makes you feel stronger or like you are in control. See that’s the problem right there. Our great strength and control ONLY comes from God. We are His people, He created us for His purpose.

It’s humanly normal to think you know better and that you can take control of your situations. Speaking from personal experience holding on to something makes one feel a satisfying sense and feel good even if it is toxic. You feel pleasurable because you can indulge in fantasies and dreams that you know deep down hold no weight in reality. Dangerous hey!!!

Only God can sustain you. He is your strength and Rock.

Let go of that painful past.

Let go of fear.

Let go of relying on your own strength, that’s what Jesus is there for. He says “Lean on me”.

Let Go… and Let God…

Whatever happens in our lives has to pass through God’s hands and He works all things together for your good. He has you in the palm of His loving Hands.

Allow God to move things out of your life so He can give you better.

God is trying to set you free from things you didn’t need in the first place!!!

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straightProverbs 3: 5-6

Trust God, He has it all figured out…


When Life hits Hard…

When you are stressed out, having sleepless nights, trying to figure out why something is taking so long to happen, Remember this, “WHEN LIFE HITS HARD, THE LORD FIGHTS FOR YOU”!

He knows what you are going to need. God knows what’s best for you.

Know that you are not alone. God is with you and in you. He has given you His power of the Holy Spirit to anoint you and empower, to guide you and be with you everywhere you go.

Don’t get discouraged. Don’t give up. Wait with Faith and Patience.

If you are constantly trying to figure things out on your own it will only frustrate you more.

Sometimes we make mistakes of taking things in our own hands and we force things instead of being having faith and patience by believe that we will overcome the obstacle.

Don’t force things, allow God to flow with things that are meant for you…

~Rorisang Sibisi~

What God gives birth to He will provide the grace along with.

Yes, there will be times in life where things are not happening as fast as we’d like them to, but be patient, God has it all figured out. He is a faithful God.

Keep honouring God, stay in peace and trust his timing. God will open doors no man can shut. He will defeat your enemies and get you where you are supposed to be.

Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Let God do it His way.

Be still and know that I am GodPsalm 46:10

Smile, God loves you J

The principle of waiting…

Waiting is something we all don’t like doing, we all want to see things or some sort of action happen. We don’t want to be delayed or stay in the same place until something happens.

We are always anxious, anxious to receive that job interview call you’re waiting for, anxious to see your date who hasn’t arrived and it is now an hour later.  In your head you’re starting to ask yourself a million questions, “Did he change his mind?”, “Maybe he doesn’t like me”.

Waiting is just not nice, but waiting can be particularly harder when in tough times.

Maybe you have been praying for something to God and He has not responded. You start feeling like life is hard, like you are not loved or maybe perhaps you should end your life… Your mind starts getting out of control and all these negative thoughts build up…

I’m here to share that in the midst of all the waiting you can still be happy… Yes, you can still dream, you can still be strong, you can still be courageous, and you can face all things you come across.

You still deserve to live, love and be happy even in your difficult waiting…

Here is what you need to do while you wait:

  1. Wait in prayer with the Lord – This is the time for you to escalate your Faith in God to the highest because He is our Hope. In a time where you are full of doubt and pain, He is your greatest comforter, He is your friend, and He is your helper. All you need to do is come to Him in prayer, believing that He will bring you through anything that you are facing. Pray without ceasing. Spend time in the presence of the Lord. He will lift you up.
  2. Let go of complaining – we always find something to complain about. Even when it is unnecessary. This is a bad habit you need to get rid of. Most time we complain because we compare ourselves with others. I’ll ask you a question, what value does complaining add to one’s life? Instead you are just making your life more miserable.
  3. Let go of your fears – DO NOT FEAR…. Why? Because God did not give us a spirit of fear but of POWER and a SOUND MIND. Your own creator gave you POWER and a SOUND MIND, so why not use that? Where are you getting this fear from? Let’s stop inheriting spirits that were not made for us in the first place.
  4. Keep your thoughts pure – Stay away from entertaining negative thoughts. That is what holds us back. They are unreal and they prevent us from moving forward in life.
  5. Stay humble – even the word of God tells us that God blesses the meek and gives them their hearts desires. Being humble qualifies you for a miracle and THE DIVINE FAVOR OF GOD.

Romans 12:12 Rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering, persevere in prayer.

I really pray and hope that we all learn these principles in our times of waiting. No matter how long you wait for, could be 20 years, stay faithful that one day you will receive your breakthrough…

While you master the principle of waiting, you are also activating the principle of PATIENCE…

Protect Your Peace…

At times we are the cause of our own heartbreaks and pain.
We expect people to favor us.

The best favor you can expect and rely on is from God, cause it is genuine.

We need to stop allowing the behaviors of other people towards us to affect our peace of mind.
Don’t let their bad vibes destruct you and make you wonder what you did to them. You are not the problem.

They just can’t stand the glory 💡 that you carry within you. So they try to attack your greatness.

Don’t allow them to change you to become something that you are not. Just block their bad vibes out of your space.

Stop littering your spirit with garbage. Keep it clean and pure by praying for those who are against you, for God to create in them a good heart and renew their minds.

For greater is He that is in you.

I wish you Peace in all your surroundings 😊😊😊

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Repairing your OVERALL WELLNESS…

It all starts with a lot of questions. Who am I? Where am I? Why am I here? Are you happy with the person you’ve become?

Reflecting and getting in touch with yourself is the most important and responsible thing one can do for themselves. At some point in life you need to grow out the “TOO COMFORTABLE TO GROW” mindset and replace it with THE “ANTI-COMFORT ZONE” mindset.

Everything about you starts with YOU… You are accountable for YOU & Yourself…

Doing an overall assessment of yourself is important to determine where you are, how you got there and what you need to do to fix yourself. Facing yourself must be hardest thing to do because we are often too scared or rather fear facing our negatives. So we’d rather distract ourselves by doing the very same things that damage us Unawarely so…

Be bold, commit to bettering yourself MIND, BODY & SPIRIT, no matter what you find out about yourself, be fearless enough to let those problems know that YOU ARE MORE DIFFICULT and YOU WILL CONQUER THEM.

We’ve allowed too many things to control and damage our mindset, its time to decide THE END of that. The only way to start changing yourself is to DECIDE TO GIVE UP THE THINGS THAT MADE YOU LOSE TOUCH WITH YOURSELF. Things like laziness, comparison with others, hanging and listening to the wrong people, not believing in yourself etc…

Once your mind is made up, the SKY IS LITERALLY THE LIMIT…

Go get yourself back from your controlling environment and show WHO IS THE BOSS OF YOU…

Never Allow Challenges To Intimidate You…

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Hello brave person :-)…

Let’s start by defining the word “Intimidate”. Intimidate is either bullying, the act of fear, frighten or scare.

Most of us avoid or hide from anything that has got to do with intimidation, its humanly normal right?

Today, I’m here to tell you that you need to kill that spirit of fear within you. You need to face the Intimidation with all of YOU…

You are greater and bigger than any problem or challenge you may be facing right now. Running away from any problem only increases the distance from the solution.

There is wisdom in challenges, you just need to face those challenges and show them that you are more challenging and not weak.

By doing so you will come out stronger with wisdom and understanding.

The only way to grow stronger is by going through the most uncomfortable situations where being strong is your only option.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your difficulties? Do you want to talk about it?

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I wish you braveness in every area of your life 🙂

You are a Spirit, Living in a Body…

Like you care for your household by cleaning & doing maintenance so does your soul need care…
What do I mean by this?

Everyone wants to live in a clean house.

Why? Because: We feel more relaxed and comfortable in a clean house. There is peace and tranquility in a clean house. A clean home keeps you organised. A clean home brings calmness. It makes you happy. You are always ready for visitors and You feel a sense of accomplishment, Right?
Your innerself has a need for the same…

You are a spirit & you live in you body…
Start cleaning and doing some maintenance on your body, where you reside: Observing Yourself, your habits and developing new good ones …Control your emotions…Vacuum unwanted foods in your system …Wear clean clothesEat Healthy foods …Exercise regularly…Keep your skin moisturized…Brush your teeth…
The list is endless…

These are just some of the steps i took in taking care of myself, only you can decide how you want to tackle your self care journey. Either way, cleaning (taking care) yourself and the time and effort it takes leads to a happier, healthier and overall calmer YOU.

Take care of the Outer you cause the Inner you lives there…

Solution Driven Mindset

Hi self care’ists :-)…

A wise thought was dropped in my heart & mind this morning, so I thought I should share it with you guys.

We never really realise this, but we are surrounded by ideas, answers & solutions… ALL AROUND US… Every situation… I mean ALL OVER….

I’ll give you an example, back in the days there was no electricity, and people had to make means to get light, keep warm, cook, hot water & make all the things that electricity does for us to date happen for them back then…

As our parents relay their past stories to us, they tell us that they used to make fire with wood, that same fire would be used for cooking, operate as a heater (for cold days), prepare hot water to bath etc, so yes they made means to keep life going but my point here is that little did they know that there is a guy called “ELECTRICITY…” This guys had been there all this time…

All it took was WISDOM (Knowledge & experience) to create this guy called “ELECTRICITY”…

You see, WISDOM is a practical thing…

WISDOM is the ability to take knowledge and put it into practicality…

Therefore, Taking care of yourself is also not dwelling on dilemmas you’re faced with but rather finding solutions to those problems and developing a solution driven mind…Our health, our relationships and our productivity depends on a “Solution orientated mindset”…🌻

In whatever that you are going through today, sit down and observe your situation, the surroundings of your situation, acquire wisdom through it all, I guarantee you will find the answer/solution that you need. It is there, you just need to access it…

Happy WISDOM’ing 🙂

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