Solution Driven Mindset

Hi self care’ists :-)…

A wise thought was dropped in my heart & mind this morning, so I thought I should share it with you guys.

We never really realise this, but we are surrounded by ideas, answers & solutions… ALL AROUND US… Every situation… I mean ALL OVER….

I’ll give you an example, back in the days there was no electricity, and people had to make means to get light, keep warm, cook, hot water & make all the things that electricity does for us to date happen for them back then…

As our parents relay their past stories to us, they tell us that they used to make fire with wood, that same fire would be used for cooking, operate as a heater (for cold days), prepare hot water to bath etc, so yes they made means to keep life going but my point here is that little did they know that there is a guy called “ELECTRICITY…” This guys had been there all this time…

All it took was WISDOM (Knowledge & experience) to create this guy called “ELECTRICITY”…

You see, WISDOM is a practical thing…

WISDOM is the ability to take knowledge and put it into practicality…

Therefore, Taking care of yourself is also not dwelling on dilemmas you’re faced with but rather finding solutions to those problems and developing a solution driven mind…Our health, our relationships and our productivity depends on a “Solution orientated mindset”…🌻

In whatever that you are going through today, sit down and observe your situation, the surroundings of your situation, acquire wisdom through it all, I guarantee you will find the answer/solution that you need. It is there, you just need to access it…

Happy WISDOM’ing 🙂

I’d be happy to hear your input on this topic.

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