Protect Your Peace…

At times we are the cause of our own heartbreaks and pain.
We expect people to favor us.

The best favor you can expect and rely on is from God, cause it is genuine.

We need to stop allowing the behaviors of other people towards us to affect our peace of mind.
Don’t let their bad vibes destruct you and make you wonder what you did to them. You are not the problem.

They just can’t stand the glory 💡 that you carry within you. So they try to attack your greatness.

Don’t allow them to change you to become something that you are not. Just block their bad vibes out of your space.

Stop littering your spirit with garbage. Keep it clean and pure by praying for those who are against you, for God to create in them a good heart and renew their minds.

For greater is He that is in you.

I wish you Peace in all your surroundings 😊😊😊

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